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Thank you for your interest in the Colonial Family of Companies. Working for Colonial isn't just a job; it's a career where your skills and passion for delivering quality make a difference. Here you'll find listings of current job openings and other information about our culture and benefits. Recognizing that both performance and great customer service (internal and external) are essential to building and retaining the best team in the industry, we are committed to providing our employees with opportunities for professional and personal development as we serve our customers across the nation.


The Colonial Culture

Since its founding in 1952, Colonial Savings, its affiliates and divisions have enjoyed a sterling reputation in the financial industry. See "About Us" for a brief history of our company.

Our corporate culture is based on three core values:
  • EMPATHY: Identification with an understanding of another's situation, feelings and motives.
  • PROFICIENCY: Performing with expert correctness and competence.
  • INTEGRITY: Strict personal honesty, independence and completeness.
When we practice these Core Values every day we will:
  • Create trust and confidence in the minds of our customers and fellow employees by learning and understanding their needs (empathy)
  • Provide valuable solutions with our knowledge, experience and expertise (proficiency)
  • Deliver a complete, whole, thorough, accurate and honest solution that is good for the customer, ourselves and our investors for the long term (integrity)
Our success has been built by developing and maintaining a loyal, efficient group of employees who gain satisfaction from their work and to whom high achievement is a personal ambition. Dedicated to the highest standards of customer satisfaction, our employees strive daily to maintain the mark of excellence that is synonymous with Colonial.

Our emphasis is on people, recognizing that even with the finest systems and procedures, people make the total operation work; and they work together best in an environment where they are respected as individuals and recognized as important members of the group.

Benefits Beyond Your Paycheck

As a full-time or qualified part-time employee of the Colonial Companies, you'll enjoy many benefits that go well beyond your paycheck.
  • Profit Sharing and 401K Match
  • Medical, Dental, Cancer and Life Insurance
  • Wellness Fairs with Free Health Screenings and Health Club Discounts
  • Employee Discounts on Home Loans, Auto and Consumer Loans, Property & Auto Insurance, Life and Mortgage Insurance
  • Tuition Reimbursement for Qualified Coursework
  • Discounted Movie and Amusement Park/Special Event Tickets
  • Holidays and Paid Time Off
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Free Parking
  • Flexible Hours
  • Paid Time Off for Community Volunteerism